Canada’s #1 meal kit brand needed content to support the rapid expansion
of their offering and territories.
They thought TikTok might be worth a try.

Here’s the thing about TikTok. You have to really earn your attention.
Uniqueness and creativity are rewarded but brands
that aren’t authentic to the platform are ignored or worse.
But if you get it right, marketing’s most demanding audience are also the
most engaged and responsive.

Our content has driven brand affinity, awareness and consideration,
is used in multiple formats across all of Goodfood’s social and digital channels and in 10 months has grown their TikTok presence from 0 to +24M views.

"Pete and Guy are a dynamic duo that consistently bring their years of experience and creative expertise to every project they work on, big or small. I am incredibly grateful for their insight and vision to bring our ideas to life"

Lauren Turchet - Goodfood Director of Marketing