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COALITION : A group formed
to work together in partnership to
achieve a common goal.

Pete Bracegirdle

Pete is a hybrid of business and strategic leadership. Working in the UK, US and NZ he has led global and regional agency teams for some of the world’s most famous brands including Nissan, Nike, Adidas, PlayStation, State Street (Fearless Girl), Mars Petcare and Twitter. Along the way he has consistently delivered highly effective and awarded work, built successful digital, social and content teams and established a track record for developing famous ideas that drive growth.

Guy Moore

Guy has a fantastic record of creative leadership in London at VCCP, Leo Burnett, AMV, W&K and Simons Palmer as well as leading his own agency Malcolm Moore. He is probably most famous for Nike ‘Parklife’ when he first worked with Pete and the highly successful 'Just Passing By' campaign for McDonald's. Recently he was awarded the Cannes Grand Prix for the McDonald's Signage outdoor campaign.

We help brands define who they are in the world.
We help brands focus on projects that deserve more attention.
We help brands solve the problems that are proving tricky.
We help brands by working with their in-house team.
We help brands with ideas that make them famous.

"Highly creative campaigns are
12x more effective
than less creative campaigns." IPA

The truth is great creativity
is usually the work
of just two or three people.

8 Cannes Grand PriX23 Cannes Golds
Creative Effectiveness Black LioNEmmy Nomination
Grand Effie
Multiple Silver D&AD Pencils &
1 D&ad Black Pencil

Between us we’ve had a good run.
Here are some highlights of our collective work.



Pete Bracegirdle : +44 7885 472607

Guy Moore : +44 7775 644686